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The preparation is performed through an interaction between cymbals and the piano strings. The resulted sound of this combination is captured by microphones and re-elaborated through the live-electronics. The electronic amplifies the micro-sound world inside the piano and redistributes partials of it in the space and on the time, recreating a constellation of sounds around the audience. The piece has seven moments, each one presents a combination of prepared sounds and electronic manipulation. In many of them, the pianist improvises when and how to play the prepared sounds, interacting with the electronic. The opened parameters, as the parts with improvisation, the variables on the preparation and the live-electronics with random parameters make the presentation of the piece as a ritual that not happens twice on the same way.  It is a singular moment which the listeners can experience this constellation of sounds.


Piano: Lydia Hammerbacher
Live-electronics: Vinicius Giusti


Anchor 2

Ressoa (2012/2013)for prepared piano and live-electronics in an 8-channel sound-surround

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