Abirú (2016) - Acousmatic music for 8-channel sound surround.

The sound material used for this composition is based off of field recordings made by Igor Germano Pavezi. The material was created by exploring the sonic environment surrounding his home, and were recorded using a portable recorder and two microphones with freedom of movement in any direction. The piece aims to develop a relationship between two different sonic worlds. The first will recreate the same listening environment that surrounds Pavezi’s home for an audience, while the second represents what was happening in Pavezi's mind throughout the process, as he discovers the variety of sound realities that surround his home.


“This work was supported by CAPES foundation, Ministry of education of Brazil, Brasília – DF 70040-020, Brazil under Grant 99999.001240/2015-03”.

Vinicius Giusti is PhD Applicant at the Department of Arts and Humanities, College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences, Brunel University London.