Another project with Trio SurPlus and musicians from Freiburg/Karlsruhe/Frankfurt was also performed in June of the same year, 2018, at the E-werk Freiburg. Ein Portrait in drei (2016-2018) was performed by Christian Kemper, Daniel Lorenzo and Olaf Tzschoppe. Although similarly named to the piece performed by Platypus, the two pieces followed different composition approaches to develop the sound material. With Trio SurPlus, each of the musicians welcomed Giusti in their home cities for some days, in order to perform improvisation sessions, where their individual sound expertise and sound repertoire could interact with Giusti’s live electronics setup. Collectively, they recorded sounds and images to collect audiovisual material for the posterior montage of the piece. Moreover, video recordings and interviews with the performers were recorded in their home cities and integrated in the source material for the composition of the piece.

“This work was supported by CAPES foundation, Ministry of education of Brazil, Brasília – DF 70040-020, Brazil under Grant 99999.001240/2015-03”.

Vinicius Giusti is PhD Applicant at the Department of Arts and Humanities, College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences, Brunel University London.

Ein Portrait in drei (2016-2018) - for TrioSurPlus, 8ch surround sound electronic music and video