Christoph Ogiermann, with his unique and respected improvisation experience and strongly defined sound identity, was the next collaborator to endorse composing a performance in collaboration with Giusti. The interaction results of the two composers was performed in a concert at AckerStadtPalast - Berlin in October 2018. In HADT_SPAZIO (2016-2018), the feedback source was connected to a live electronic real-time system of fragmentation, temporal change and spatialisation, leading to a "forest" with screaming "animals" and thundering masses of sounds. The collaborative work was developed during one week of intense work in Berlin and some weeks of prior audiovisual recordings in Bremen. In this case, the interaction happened on another level, as both collaborators were also composers.

“This work was supported by CAPES foundation, Ministry of education of Brazil, Brasília – DF 70040-020, Brazil under Grant 99999.001240/2015-03”.

Vinicius Giusti is PhD Applicant at the Department of Arts and Humanities, College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences, Brunel University London.

Hadt_Spazio (2016-2018) - for Christoph Ogiermann, 8ch surround sound electronic music and video