Ein Portrait in vier (2017-2018) was developed in collaboration with Platypus Ensemble from Vienna, and performed by Kaoko Amano, Theresia Schmidinger, Marianna Oczkowska and Frederik Neyrick. The piece was composed from a base of field videos and audio recordings made by the musicians in their everyday lives and their professional lives as musicians in different performances around the world. They were guided by an instructive score to perform the recordings, in order to capture similar events in their lives. The result of this collaboration was a piece for the ensemble, live electronics and video that was presented at Echoraum in Vienna in June 2018, bringing together their life events from different places and their physical presences, to perform the composition.

“This work was supported by CAPES foundation, Ministry of education of Brazil, Brasília – DF 70040-020, Brazil under Grant 99999.001240/2015-03”.

Vinicius Giusti is PhD Applicant at the Department of Arts and Humanities, College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences, Brunel University London.

Ein Portrait in vier (2017-2018) - for Platypus, 4ch surround sound electronic music and video